Love What You Have, Before Life Teaches You to Love What’s Left

We often take things for granted in life. We have people who love us, a roof over our heads, food on the table. But we get caught up in wanting more – a better job, a bigger house, a fancier car. We forget to appreciate what we already have.

Meaning of the line: Love what you have, before life teaches you to lov – tymoff

It’s not until something is taken away from us that we realize how much we cherished it. A relationship ends and we long for those Sunday morning cuddles. We lose a loved one and wish we had one more chance to tell them we love them. A job is lost and we miss the coworkers that felt like family.

Don’t let life’s tough lessons be the thing that opens your eyes to what truly matters. Wake up right now and start loving what you have before it’s gone.

The People In Your Life

Think about the people closest to you – your partner, your kids, your parents, your friends. What would life be like without them? These people probably drive you nuts sometimes with their flaws and quirks. But they also bring immense love, laughter, and joy into your world.

Don’t take them for granted while you have them. Appreciate their presence, their company, their affection. Tell them you love them every single day. Because one day, they might not be there anymore. And you’ll regret all the times you didn’t fully cherish them.

The Roof Over Your Head

You have a place to call home, even if it’s small or doesn’t look like those perfect homes in magazines. Think of all the people in this world who don’t have that luxury. Who are sleeping on the streets or in shelters with their few belongings.

Make your space your sanctuary and fill it with love. Hang up family photos, get cozy blankets, play music that lifts your mood. Don’t wish for a bigger or better home. Just love the one you have while you’re blessed to have it.

The Food You’re Eating

You might grumble sometimes about having to cook dinner or grab something on-the-go. But you get to eat every day, even if it’s not a gourmet meal. So many people are starving in this world with barely enough food to survive.

Savor every bite you take. Appreciate the nutrients fueling your body. Don’t waste a single crumb. And feel thankful you have a plate of food in front of you, because hunger is an awful battle.

Your Health and Abilities

Maybe you’re not a fitness athlete or runway model. But hopefully you have your health to simply get through each day. You can walk, talk, think, and live a fairly normal life.

Honor your body for carrying you through everything life throws your way. If you have use of all your senses, cherish those gifts. If you’re dealing with a health issue, don’t take your “good” days for granted.

Money to Cover Your Needs

Enough money to keep a roof over your head and food on the table is immense wealth in itself. You might not be rich by society’s standards, but you have what you need to survive.

Money itself can’t buy happiness. But it does buy peace of mind not having to worry about things like homelessness or starvation. Stop stressing about wanting more, more, more and just be thankful for your shelter and sustenance.

Open Your Heart and Eyes

Stop and think for a moment about everything and everyone you’re fortunate enough to have in your life right now. Send out a wave of gratitude for your current blessings, even if they seem small.

Because if you don’t learn to appreciate what you have before you lose it…life will force you to love what’s left. Don’t let it get to that point. Open your heart and eyes to the beautiful gifts surrounding you today.

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